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As the Head Librarian of this ancient and honorable library, I, Xavvy Lin, welcome you to this new and radical website initiative by some of our younger trainee librarians. I don't quite understand all the intricacies of it, but they insist that it is designed and portrayed in the current edgy-style that has been adopted by deep, rational thinkers to combat intolerance and suppression by other, authoritarian countries on our beloved planet of Chacony?.

Therefore, our world is portrayed as a fantasy as we imagine it could be viewed on Old Earth? (though no one officially knows quite where Old Earth is, or even if it still exists!) Historical documents, as they come to light and are placed on this website, are adapted and written as if they were fictional stories. We even provide a Glossary for any words or phrases some people may be unfamiliar with, or other aspects of Chaconian history and life (given the patchy nature of education, still, in many parts). It will be expanded and filled out as new "stories" are added to the site. Keep a look out for the new additions?, entered as they are processed and recognised by our team of historical recorders deep in our library building.

So, welcome to our library, the guardian of knowledge, here on Chacony!

Our Fictional Counterpart

I should point out that there is likely to be a slight touching of a fictional counterpart to this site, written as if it is the "true reality". You can find it on the River Waldron site. I must admit that it is quite cleverly done, but that we really must distance ourselves from this deepened kind of art-form now developing on Chacony.


This Chacony site deals with reality, but written as if it were fiction;
The River Waldron site deals with fiction, but written as it were reality!

Ignore the claims made by the River Waldron site: they are just using a literary device coming into fashion on Chacony.